Jesus Creed

Kris and I went to the movie of the DaVinci Code tonight. I’m not a movie critic, nor do I understand all the stuff that movie critics think about, but the story plot was just OK for me. We both thought Tom Hanks and the French lady were fine; they made Silas a real creep, along the lines of Mel Gibson’s satan figure.
Teabing was played well. They had some flashbacks into ancient history that were more interesting for me than anything else but they didn’t last long enough to enjoy.
Most will go to this movie because of the book and hype; had it been a movie first no one would have published it as a book.
Overall, the movie emphasizes the theme that Jesus was only a human; that the Church (read Constantine’s power) upgraded his status to deity; and that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. It made lots of the Last Supper painting, and the V symbol as the chalice and the upside down V (can’t make that here) was the male.
The ending of the movies is as weird as it was in the book: you find Mary Magdalene under the Sword and Chalice and that she is the focus of worship and adoration for our day. Hooey on that one.
The overall plot is the discovery by Sophie Neveu that she, after all, is the last surviving bloodline of Jesus and Mary and the Opus Dei folk are out to kill her. I don’t think there is enough significance to being such a person to make the plot forceful, but then I think that part of the whole project is the least believable thing Dan Brown imagined.
I’ve been asked more than once if I think Christians should toss their money Dan Brown’s way. Well, it’s your call, not mine. I went to see it because I want to be informed so when people ask me something about it I can at least have some kind of answer. I have no doubt that Jesus and his marriage will be a subject of lots of general conversation now.

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