Jesus Creed

For an early preview of the cover of a book I haven’t written, see Purgatorio. Thanks Marc.
Church and State: Read this speech by the President at Cornell. (HT: Duane Young)
Bob Robinson‘s got this right: our faith is in the Person, and the true things about that person, but not just in the true things about the person.
Tim Challies has a good (if way too long) post about accountability and anonymity in blogging. (HT: Justin Taylor)
1. Br. Maynard’s nice story, illustrating what many in emergence experience.
2. Dan Kimball indicates emergence is by way of regression.
3. Did you know that Mortimer Adler refused to take swimming and never got his bachelor’s degree? He is the only American (I know of) who got a Ph.D. without a HS diploma or a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. The swimming requirement is declining.
4. A young emerging movement in the heart of Mennonite country: see Drew Moser.
5. I missed this post of Jamie’s last week: very good.
6. An insightful analogy for Christian community from Jazztheologian.
7. Atta boy Steve: We’ve been there, and glad you got to see the fish throwing. Promise me you won’t go to an American League Baseball game.
8. This is one reason why many believe the conspiracy in The DaVinci Code.
9. PurplePastor has a nice post about the role of technology in the church. Good thoughts. Recommended reading — whether you agree or not: Shane Hipps’ book on this.
On the Cubs: in this season when things seem to be falling apart way too soon, we’re having a blast watching Luke’s friends play with the big leauge team. Cedeno I’ve mentioned. But Rich Hill was Luke’s roommate one year and we had fun with him at Luke’s and Annika’s wedding, and also Ryan Theriot — who was with Luke several seasons.
Does anyone even care about the NBA? My suggestion: Cut the season to 50 games, cut salaries to 5/8, and give us games where each game matters. An NBA season that is all Fall, all Winter, and encroaches on the summer is not a season but a perennial.

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