Jesus Creed

From Byron Harvey’s blog: The No Kool Aid Zone.
After many tests, they have decided to do another surgery on Bob on Tuesday or Wednesday after they get him more stabilized (blood pressure too high, etc.). There is some question about what the fluid is around his heart, but there appears to be flaps on his aortic valve(s) — flaps on the flaps? — and tears in the aorta that may be new (or the old). Also the aorta has enlarged again.
Bob has had a lot of pain and has been medicated, although they are trying to reduce the medication. His family is kind of reeling from this sudden reversal and new crisis as you can imagine and are probably feeling somewhat yourself.
We know you will continue to pray for them as they continue this difficult walk through suffering — and now they of course have the additional complication of the long trip to and from Cleveland to contend with.

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