Jesus Creed

At Willow last night Mike Breaux presented the talk. He called it “From Walker to Walker” and traced the life of humans — who begin in walkers and end up (often enough) in walkers. It was a spirited and sensitive romp through the life cycle. Then he drew out three points:
First, that life is short and can be full of challenges.
Second, that God is faithful.
Third, that we need to choose to dance (choose joy).
Breaux is pretty creative, but tonight he finished off with the band singing LeAnn Womack’s (?) “Just Dance,” and had a few couples on the stage doing a little dancing — then Breaux danced with his granddaughter and Gene Appel danced with his daughter. And we went away happy, though since I can’t dance (and I’ve written about this) I wasn’t thinking of finding a place to dance. But I will say this: I subscribe 100% to what he had to say — life is short, God is faithful, and we can (by and large) choose joy.
Which we did do last night with Laura and Mark at a local restaurant.

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