Jesus Creed

Kris and I will be in the Cinque Terra (Italy) for a week at the turn of June, and wonder if any of you have been to Pisa and would recommend it as worth a day trip for us?
Good story from Karen about Agnes. Karen can tell a story.
1.Jim Martin has some good observations on “mean Christians.”2. A story of determination.
3. Theofragen on the future of seminary education. (HT: Br. Maynard)
4. Jamie Arpin-Ricci has a nice set of interactions with a new book about a (broader sense) of emerging Christianity.
5. Steve Taylor will be in the Pac NW (near Boise) in June for an Allelon conference and then down at Fuller. I’d love to attend, as our son played baseball one summer in Boise and we really like the area. And some very nice golf courses in Boise.
6. Lark’s Guide to Evangelicals (HT: Ginny Olson)
7. CNN’s story about the “new” ms about Judas.
8. I’ve posted before the changes that may occur to seminaries, and Ryan Bolger is making some insightful observations and suggestions.

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