Jesus Creed

Laura, our daughter, turns 29 today (I had to ask Kris how old Laura was — but that’s another story). She was our first child. I was in seminary (taking Murray Harris’ Advanced Exegesis class and writing a midterm that day) at the time, and we lived up near Waukegan, and the oddity is that she was born in Libertyville, and we now live there. She’s a first grade teacher now, which is entirely natural “on account of the fact that” she’s been teaching a class since she was five years old: whenever she came home from classes as a little girl, she went to her room and re-taught everything she learned that day. I’m not biased, that’s for sure, but she’s got to be the best teacher in Illinois. She and Mark fly today to Paris for Spring Break. She should get along fine, as she took French in high school. One bit of advice Laura and Mark: plan on dinners being slow.

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