Jesus Creed

Bart Ehrman, in his new book, Misquoting Jesus, tells his story: how he found an evangelical faith, attended Moody, Wheaton and then Princeton — during which time he came to the conclusion that the Bible is simply a human book. Here’s his story. What did you think of his book?
I have a short review coming out in Covenant Companion of the book, and I don’t want to spill those beans here, and I am considering an even longer response soon.
There are lots of things to discuss about Ehrman’s book, but one of the most significant is a question we need to face more often: Why did God permit so many variations (variants) to the original Gospels and letters of Paul and the other books in the NT? I don’t think Bart faces the kinds of differences fairly in his book — after all, most of them are entirely insignificant, and neither do I think he interacts enough with those who differ with him on these matters — after all, he isn’t the first to notice these issues. But, I will say this: He asks us to face a good question.

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