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I reported yesterday that I got my first cell phone last Friday. I’ve learned a few things, not the least of which is how to take pictures. So, I took a picture of Brad Nassif, and then some of my …Read More

Yesterday’s post emphasized intersubjectivity as central to forgiveness. Today we want to look at Sandage and Shults’ The Faces of Forgiveness and the issues of “saving face”, what the faces in a “face to face” look like, at “systemic estrangement,” …Read More

In 1 Peter 3:18-22 we come across one of the most disputed passages in the entire New Testament. It starts off just fine — it looks just like chapter two’s connection of the suffering of household slaves with the suffering …Read More

Cell phone? I do, as it was purchased last Friday. Yes, that’s right. A hold out is what I had going on. But after a few mess-ups, one at an airport, Kris and I realized it would best if we …Read More

Steven Sandage and LeRon Shults, in The Faces of Forgiveness, propose a new and fresh approach to how the Bible speaks about forgiveness and how forgiveness works in real practice today. The question I will ask today is this one: …Read More

Here is perhaps the earliest evidence of lay-level apologetics: “Always be ready for a reply to everyone who requests of you an account of the hope that fill you” (1 Pet 3:15). That readiness becomes credible only when it is …Read More

A purple theology believes that to one degree or another the Reformation is over. By that it means that the Reformation’s summons of the Church to return to the Bible (sola scriptura) and to faith as the sole means of …Read More

A true story. A conversation my colleague was told about a conversation of a would-be convert to the Orthodox Church and a priest who thought she needed to know more about Orthodoxy before converting.

Peter turns a corner, rather suddenly and abruptly. From 2:11–3:12 Peter has dealt with one single issue — how to live in the Roman Empire as Christians. Now he faces another problem directly: suffering. And we might be forgiven if …Read More

The biggest question the emerging thinkers are asking of the satisfaction theory, and even penal substitution theory, can be found in one simple question and then I’ll let LeRon Shults flesh it out. How would you respond to this way …Read More