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Not long ago a pastor-friend told me a story. At his church were two known lesbians with whom he had met a few times, and with whom he had developed a pleasant relationship. They liked the church. Then the Lord’s Supper was scheduled, and they asked him if they were welcomed at the Table. He explained, as sensitively as he could, that they would not be. Shortly thereafter they left the church. The pastor confided to me that he seriously wondered if the church had done the right thing, for he thought all further opportunity to serve them was now over.
What I’m asking in this post, mostly because I’m wondering what is going on out there, is what your local church’s “policy” or “practice” is. I’d like to avoid us getting here into lengthy debates with one another — that might come later when I post my own view on this issue, but for now I’m just wondering what your church does.

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