Jesus Creed

Because my responsibilities at North Park now include some administration, for the past two years my train-bus commute has instead become an early morning drive in my own car so I can stay later and leave when I need to. But, because we were flying last Thursday to Boston, I took the train and bus. Once again, I was struck by the Bible reading. As I sat down, I noted a man at the far end of my car reading the Psalms. He seemed to pause every now and then for some meditation.
Underneath me a woman was sitting erect with ear pieces in her ears from her small iPod with her Bible opened to The Revelation, and her Bible was marked all over with notes and observations — which I could not read (but would have liked to). What she was listening to I don’t know, but I imagined it to be a sermon by someone on that passage of Scripture for every now and then she would read her text more closely. Between this snooping of mine, I read through the Morning Prayers from The Divine Hours: Prayers for Springtime by Phyllis Tickle.
When I climbed up the stairs to my seat, the first man in the car I saw was asleep, but as I was getting off at my stop (Forest Glen), he was now awake and pulling out his NIV and (so I’m guessing) readying himself for some Bible reading time.

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