Jesus Creed

My early time on the beach, with that little Pacific heron and a few stragglers, makes me aware of the utter sameness of the course of weather and the days here. Same every day: about the same temp and I begin to see the hills at the same time; I can begin reading at 7am; the little heron shoots off south at about 6:45am each morning. But what strikes me most is the constant rolling of the waves into the beach — non-stop, all day long, 24/7, 12 months, world without end. It’s awesome and humbling and mystifying all at once.
Reading a fantastic biography of Jane Addams, who grew up just north of where I grew up. The book is called Citizen and it is by Louise Knight. Loving it. Jane Addams, a social reformer, grew up in Cedarville, just north of Freeport, and she spent most of her life in Chicago.
On Montezuma’s revenge: my doctor gave me the simple advice of taking 3-4 tablets of Pepto Bismal each day, look for a darkness to the tongue, but count on it knocking out the bugs I could get from the water or anything else. True to his word, we’ve been healthy — but the youngsters have had their bouts. They haven’t taken Pepto Bismal until today.

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