Jesus Creed

Another sunny day on the beach. Kris and I had our customary three walks, spending half of our time looking out into the ocean and the other half gawking at the things folks do on the beach — like parasailing and skiing and other reckless things. While looking into the ocean we saw three or four dolphins. Most of those doing reckless things stopped to watch the dolphins, which is some kind of parable. Nature is the main attraction.
Read the bulk of CE Evans, The Kingdom is Always but Coming: A Life of Walter Rauschenbusch. I’ll be working on Rauschenbusch some more, so I’ll postpone any comments for now. Kris finished her book; Mark is about done with Blue Like Jazz and Laura can’t put her novel by Dan Brown down, and Luke is reading Emerging Churches by Gibbs and Bolger while Annika is reading an engrossing book by Francine Grey. Our niece, Kari Arnet, who is with us, attracts atention when she sprints up and down the beach. She’s a crack runner for the Univ of New Hampshire, so she has to keep up her workouts. The kids find the energy to play marathon matches of a word game, Take 2, every night.
Because of limited access to the blog, it will be hard to sustain discussion on Fitch’s book, but I’ll get to lots of these threads next week.

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