Jesus Creed

We’ve had one other New Year’s Eve in Ixtapa, but last night’s was the best. Somehow, someway, and not at all to my credit but all to Kris’, my kids learned to dance. So, when at 10pm the band, Los Cervantes, started revving it up with some great music, my kids and their spouses joined the throng and danced away. They seem to have beat and rhythm, which are the things that keep me from making a fool of myself on the dance floor. I think dancing is a gift.
The band caught my heart when they played Paul McCartney’s Yesterday.
Kris made it to the midnight hour, but I didn’t, but I did take the distinction of “first on the beach this year in Ixtapa.” (There were some stragglers going home, but I didn’t count them. They were still living in 2005.) Had a good day; long walks; read most of Rebecca’s Revival and a nice chp on Schleiermacher in Schmiechen’s fine book. He tries to resurrect some goodness in Schleiermacher after Barth demolished him.

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