Jesus Creed

Kris and I were at NorthBridge Church this morning, a wondrous new church in Antioch, IL. Mark and Michelle Albrecht are the pastoral leaders, and they have adopted a genuinely missional approach to gospel work. This was the first Sunday effort for me where the whole focus was Embracing Grace, and both the sessions and the feedback were very good. Their music ministry is second-to-none (led by Michelle) and the patterns of ministry and growth are inspiring. Keep an eye on NorthBridge, and visit it if you can. I write a bit about NorthBridge’s ShareFest event in Embracing Grace
Tonight down to a youth event for youth workers in the Covenant Church and tomorrow morning I will be teaching with David T. Olson in his workshop on the missional focus of Jesus’ kingdom message (at the Covenant Midwinter meeting — always a highlight).
Next weekend Embracing Grace goes to Vision New England in Boston.

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