Jesus Creed

In 1984, when teaching a course in Greek exegesis, a student asked me if I had a computer. I said, “I couldn’t afford one.” (At the time, I was finishing my dissertation on an IBM Selectric, with three elements — English, Greek, Hebrew.) He responded, “No, Scot, you can’t afford not to have one.” Nothing short of a stunning comment.
That night Kris and I began to make plans to purchase a computer — a real one. An Apple Macintosh. And since 1984, we’ve owned one Mac after another. I liken the OT to a manual typewriter, John the Baptist to a PC Windows, and Jesus to an Apple Macintosh. Hey, it works for me! (All Apples are Macs for me, sorry.)
Still, I’d be keen on knowing what kind of computer you prefer — not what you use, not what you own, but what you prefer. I use a PowerBook G4; Kris uses an iMac; Laura an iMac and Lukas a PowerBook G5. (Don’t ask who bought them computers!)
The poll is a good place to register your preference, but I’m happy to hear your stories, too.