Jesus Creed

32 years ago today, wearing a bright red tuxedo and decked out with a full head of hair, I waited at the front of our church’s sanctuary while my beautiful bride, Kris, marched down the middle aisle and there we were married. We grew up together, were grade school sweethearts, junior high sweethearts, high school sweethearts, and went off to college together and by Christmas of my sophomore year we were married. We honeymooned in Mexico (where we’ll be going next weekend), and have been best friends ever since.
I love her with all my heart.
What do I admire most about Kris, besides the fact that she has loved me for forever? Besides that she is wonderful in every way? Perhaps in Kris I find a person who beautifully embodies sympathy for others and seems always to see the good in others. No one, and I mean no one, is more naturally inclined to be a psychologist than Kris.
She’s a wonderful friend, reader of my books, keeper of the house, and mother, and I could go on…
I’ll be cooking a special dinner tonight, which she doesn’t know about, and we’ll probably take our normal walk and have a normal evening — which is just how we like it.

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