Jesus Creed

Here is a (slightly edited) letter from a former student. This is why I like teaching.

What’s up Mr. McKnight, how have you been? how’s life? I see you got another book out, I’ll probably read it.
Anyways life after college is great, I mean you can’t imagine how much fun I’m having. Everyday I wake up, go to work, walk around this huge building (still a security guard) talking to people (most are my friends now). Then I go home and sometimes I read, or write, or just take a nap. Oh and I’m buying a house, and my Realtor wants me to mentor a 13 year old who is burning down garages. So I’m nervous and excited.
I got a question: You know when Jesus says give to everyone who begs from you and don’t refuse anyone who wants to borrow? Well I have a neighbor who is always asking money from me and I know he’s spending it on drugs. I don’t know what to do. I mean Jesus said give to whoever begs of you. Jesus didn’t list any exceptions.
Also I know you’re married, but what do you think about marriage? What do you think about Paul saying an unmarried man is anxious about the affairs of the Lord and a married man is anxious about the affairs of his wife. I mean I don’t want a woman to hurt my relationship with Jesus because its going really good right now.
I got also more questions: Like I read Ecclesiastes and that was a fun read. What do you think about it? But I’m at work right now covering for these weekend guards who just sometimes decide not to come in to work.

How’s that for a set of questions: helping the poor, what I think of marriage, and how to interpret Ecclesiastes!

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