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October 2005 Archives

Two of the highlights of our weekend were seeing Napoleon Dynamite with Luke and Annika, and then during the worship service the worship band, led by Jay Baehr, was outstanding. And the band, whom I’ve named Jay Baehr and the …Read More

Yesterday we were at Zion Covenant in Jamestown, NY. Brad Bergfalk, the pastor, gave what was for me a memorable sermon on the classic text from Exodus 17 on Moses raising his arms while Israel battled. His points are worth …Read More

My conversation last week with a pastor of a mega-church, with my contention that a caricature was being used and his and others’ justifiable question, “Well, then, what is it?” leads me to a few posts this week that will …Read More

Just in case you know how this operates: I used to have, but moved over to I recently deleted my old account. Now some porn site is using that address. Suggestion: go to that site and “flag” it …Read More

The recent blog debate about what the emerging movement is and what it isn’t brings home to me what can be and can’t be accomplished in the blog world. I learn from many of the individual posts, and I learn …Read More

Pride of place goes this week to Jamie Arpin-Ricci’s post about the ministry they offer with YWAM to minister in an urban setting and the need for more missionally minded folks. Help him spread the word about this opportunity. 1. …Read More

That’s an attempt at a clever title for a short post on Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz and Anne Lamott’s Plan B. I’ve read both recently and discovered that many of my students were either reading or had read Blue …Read More

In this fifth installment on James Houston’s The Mentored Life we (Scot McKnight and Brad Bergfalk), we will look at his first “positive” chapter, chp 5: Mentored and Discipled Christian Living. Summary The chapter is largely a statement of Kierkegaard’s …Read More

For a long time in my teaching career I have worked with these two terms (salvation vs. discipleship), especially when it came to the teachings of Jesus on ethics. It permits good discussion about both the gospel and “the bottom …Read More

I’ll be daily blogging (starting one week before Advent) about Advent to record some thoughts about Gospel texts and how they can be used to foster our readiness for Christmas. It would be fun to get some involved in this …Read More