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I avoid political rants and even political comments, but this has to be said about what Daryn Kagan said immediately after George W. Bush was aired being briefed in Mississippi.
Bush was briefed, live on TV, by some authorities. Then he made some statements and headed for the next place to see in his very public viewing of the horrendous disaster in MS, AL, and LA.
When he was done, she vented something along these lines: I think it is terrible the President would use our time to be briefed; he could have been briefed while en route; instead, he used the time to permit the Republican governors make it clear they are getting plenty of work done. I don’t quote; but I think this is fair.
If so, and I’ll assume so, I said to myself: is the use of TV time to make public statements something new? Has CNN done the job of showing us footage of all the good work that so many are doing to relieve many of pain? Or has CNN spent nearly every conceivable minute telling us about how bad everything is? (As if we are not making any progress.)
I’ll avoid getting into whether we acted soon enough and all that. My point is this: Is it fair to criticize the President for doing this (and, sure, what he did was probably planned to show the world that some things are being done) when CNN is doing all it can to make its own points?
C’mon Daryn, you’re better than that.

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