Jesus Creed

Recently, but only very recently, a new sect and heresy have been discovered. This group, evidently confined nearly entirely to Chicago but numbering in the hundreds of thousands, has managed to keep itself under wraps for all authorities. Who are they?
They have just recently, and only to one reporter or two, made their official names public. Formerly they were called Cub fans but they are now known by their real name: Parousiacs. They evidently are consumed with the conviction that someday, somehow, and maybe soon, very soon, they are going to see the return of greatness to Wrigley Field with playoff victories and the reacquisition of the World Series title.
Sadly, by making themselves public they are now being assaulted by the skeptics who claim that the entire predestined glory for Chicago sports teams was completely spent on the Chicago Bulls and that one distant-memoried year on the Chicago Bears.
This is the law of the Medes and Persians.

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