Many of us have now read all three installments of Brian’s story of his life, his ministry, his heart, and his writings.

All I want to say is this. Brian, I am grateful for what you have done to me and for Evangelicalism. I see your work to be rhetorical wake-up for Evangelicals to start thinking about how to become a missional community for the world in which we live. Even when I disagree with you, I am glad you have brought up the issues you raise. Evangelical theology has grown fat and it has become enamored with fighting within instead of becoming cutting edge on issues that face our day. You, more than perhaps any around, have asked the Church to face the tough issues of our day.

Thanks brother.

And, by the way, a book on Kingdom is just what we need. If you’re still at it, do what you can to connect Jesus’ view of the Kingdom to Paul’s powerful images of redemption.

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