Last night at Willow Randy Travis gave a mini-concert. The place was packed. We are not country fans, but his song on the three wooden crosses was good enough to make it on all kinds of charts, and won our hearts. He then led everyone in a worship song. And then he finished off with Forever and Ever, Amen.

So today I’ve had a hard time getting that kind of music off my mind. Randy Travis has quite a story, and he seems to be quite innocent about it all. I was impressed with his lack of understanding why he was so angry as a young kid. He just knows that Christ took it away, which reminds of the blind man who had been healed by Jesus and he didn’t know all that much theology but he was quite sure that he was once blind but could now see.

Our son and his wife, and my daughter, were here this afternoon. Then we had a nice dinner together. Nice to have all of us together (our son-in-law was absent, away at a church conference in California).

And, how about Tiger? Great tournament, which the Masters always is. And lots of those good southern folk who were at that tournament probably listened to some Randy Travis on their way home. I hope Randy’s story was more important to them.

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