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Emergent divergence

My own experience shows that I have learned more about Emergent from blogging and talking and asking Emergents than I have from reading McLaren, but I have learned plenty from McLaren and from Pagitt.

There are other Emergents to deal with: Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones, Andrew Jones and Dan Kimball. They deserved to be dealt with more adequately if one is to be “conversant” with the emerging church. I think DA Carson’s book is really “becoming conversant with the emergent epistemology of Brian McLaren.” I don’t think I’m being harsh here; the book is all about epistemology and McLaren is the focus; and the other Emergent leaders and their foci are not in view. This leaves the book falling short of its title.

And now what I see to be some issues we call need to discuss (and this, my dear friends, is not about winning and losing but about listening and learning in order to do the work of the gospel more effectively):

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