Jennifer Cares

Who can support you when you’re starting to feel like nobody else does?  YOU!

Too many times, I see caregivers become very critical of themselves.  Self-doubt feeds on itself, and can easily lead to lack of confidence, low self-esteem, even depression. 

This week, let’s create new hope in our lives by focusing on being more of a friend to ourselves.  We can:

  • be quick to forgive our mistakes
  • be ready with a kind word or thought
  • replace negative behaviors like judging ourselves, and putting ourselves down with positive ones like accepting who we are, and motivating ourselves to be the best we can be.

A psychologist I know talks about it like this:  think of how you would deal with a child who is struggling to find themselves, and feel good about themselves.  What kinds of words would you use to comfort and encourage him or her?  Give yourself that same feeling and tone this week.  It’ll be easier to feel hopeful when you experience that kind of strength.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Take Care Tuesday, where I feature a ten minute tip you can use to make you’re life easier!