As we continue to move through our first year of “firsts” without my father-in-law, who died of cancer last summer, I find that I’ve become much more aware of “triggers”—little things that happen to happen that can turn very deep very fast, and bring back memories and tears.

Because Pap lived with us for nearly seven years, our house–as you can imagine–still feels full of him.  His place at our table is empty, but his presence is still very much here with us.

I think it’s important for those of us who have cared for and lost a loved one to realize that triggers will always be there.  To move on in a strong way, we should focus our energy on how we will deal with those deep feelings when they come flying back.

Plain and simple, faith can help.  I’ve seen that many times in my life.  I share some ideas for how to tap into faith for strength in this Take Care Tuesday segment, which run regulary on KDKA-TV (CBS-Pittsburgh).  This clip is from Christmas-time, but it’s message is appropriate and valid now, as we come off of the Easter season and enjoy the blessings of the reawakenings of spring.

>>Click here to watch 

How has your faith helped you as a caregiver?


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