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Hope you had a great week! I’ve really enjoyed my first days with you here at Beliefnet. 

Every Friday I’ll post a new video for you.  It might be an interview I do with an expert who can help us with a great self-care tip.  Maybe I’ll introduce you to a caregiver who wants to share some of his or her story with us.  I will create my own Vlogs to post here, so I can show you some of the things that will help to make your life easier.  And, I’ll post media interviews from time to time, too.

Here in Pittsburgh, I have a regular segment on KDKA TV’s Pittsburgh Today Live called Take Care Tuesday.  This week, I talked about the need for all of us to have hope—and perhaps more importantly to understand that hope doesn’t just fall on us like magic dust, we need to create hopeful feelings for ourselves. 

Great, but how do you do that, especially when your days as a caregiver sometimes feel so heavy and dark?

Click here to watch the segment and get some ideas.

Then, is there something you do to create hope in your life?  Do you struggle with trying to regain or retain a feeling of hope?  Please share a comment with me!  

And…please visit Monday for my first full week here on Beliefnet.  Monday’s posts will focus on taking a moment to breathe, smile, and be inspired to create a hopeful, happy week.  


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