Jennifer Cares

I’m thrilled to announce the national release of my new book for caregivers. It’s called Caring Questions and from my own experiences, I know using it will help you strengthen your relationships.
I’ve tapped into my background as a news reporter to offer you hundreds of questions that you and the person you are caring for ask eachother. Caring Questions will help you maximize your minutes, and help you to find the words to start sensitive (and sometimes fun!) conversations that will become family treasures.
I also include information you can use to improve your communication skills.
Communication is not easy—but so critically important when you’re a caregiver. You are responsible for calming and comforting your loved one, being their advocate with medical teams, acting as a spokesperson…keeping other family members and friends in the loop regarding what’s going on, and more.
These are all high level talks, and I want to help you stay organized, keep a cool head, and be more effecient in your communications. Doing that will result in what I want most for able you: more time to take care of yourself!
Much more on Caring Questions, and preorders available soon!