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John Howard Griffin is one of my heroes. He’s the white man who took the amazing journey of living as a black man in the Deep South in the late 1950’s.  Ultimately, he recorded his saga in a book, Black …Read More

In a previous post I wrote about, The Other Wes Moore, the story of two men with the same name and similar backgrounds yet vastly different destinies. Recently, the Rev. Leon Kelly stopped by The Sankofa Institute for a conversation.  He …Read More

Not long ago I read, The Other Wes Moore:  One Name, Two Fates. Wes Moore grew up poor, fatherless and in a drug decayed neighborhood.  So did the other Wes Moore.  Wes Moore became a paratrooper, decorated veteran, Rhodes Scholar …Read More

In this sermon I attempt to give iron clad proof that everything becomes beautiful in its time.

Congratulations to Denver’s own Slam Nuba! Last week they traveled Boston and competed against over 300 poets and brought home the honor of being National Poetry Slam Champions. Seventy five teams entered the competition and by the time he finals …Read More

What is God doing in your life? Depends, do you know what time it is?