I would love your opinion on the three logos you see below.  They are for The Sankofa Institute that I’m starting. (see here)  

Remember, Sankofa is the West African concept that we must remember our roots as we move forward.  This is symbolized by a bird in flight, that, as it soars forward, looks backwards.  In its mouth it carries an egg.  For us, at The Sankofa Institute, this symbolizes the need for leaders who can glean from the past and lead us into God’s future.  As we do, we nurture those things that have yet to hatch and bring forth life.  “Sankofa” literally means, “It is not wrong for us to go back and find that which we have forgotten.”  
These logo designs still need a little refining. That being said, which concept do you like best and why?  How would you tweak the one you like to make it better?

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