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In June, I gave a message on understanding the times and knowing what to do.  In the sermon I said this: I fully believe, that in our lifetime what we are going to see is that 9/11 isn’t going to …Read More

20101017 birthright 4 from Colorado Community Church on Vimeo.

Gerson & Wehner begin their book, City of Man, with a comparison of the church during Nazi Germany and the church during the civil rights movement.  The Christians during 1930’s Germany largely accommodated themselves to the status quo, all the …Read More

Birthright: Part 2 (Pastor Robert Gelinas) from Colorado Community Church on Vimeo.

It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed an album as much as Wake Up! by John Legend & The Roots.  In this neo/old-school soul album, Legend solidifies himself as the Marvin Gaye/Bill Withers of our day. Check out the title …Read More

I’m reading a new book about religion and politics.  More specifically,what role should our Christian faith play in our politics?  It’s called, City of Man:  Religion and Politics in a New Era, by Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner. The fundamental …Read More

For months now I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting for the release of a movie and a book.  The Movie:  Years ago I heard this story…now it’s a movie:  “Conviction”–Can’t wait to see it! The Book:  John …Read More

When we don’t know what our birthright is then we trade it for something of lesser value or scheme to get that which is already ours. Turn in your Bibles to Genesis 25 for Birthright part 1. Birthright: Part 1 …Read More

Why were the Chilean Miners’ wearing Jesus T-Shirts?   Click here to find out

I’m off to Austin, TX to speak at the Together for Adoption National Conference.  God is on the move on behalf of his children–He’s a “father to the fatherless.” There’s a live webcast of the conference.  Log on to hear …Read More