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Study of the Book of Revelation (p3)–The Unveiling:  Imagine an Open Door (click to watch video or listen to audio)

What’s your take on the new anti-rape, rape fighting condom with teeth?  (Read the CNN Story Here)  Some say it’s a great idea, other’s think it will make a bad situation worse… Join the Groove:  What do you think?

Today’s sermon:  The Book of Revelation (p2) The Unveiling:  Imagine Jesus Speaking Watch Video or Listen to Audio

Here’s my summer reading list. From Civil Rights to Human Rights:  Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Struggle for Economic Justice by Thomas F. Jackson. New England White by Stephen L. Carter Texas Tough:  The Rise of America’s Prison Empire …Read More

It’s not too late! Nominations for The Black Weblog Awards go through July–Help me win again like you did last year! 1)  Please go to this link: Black Weblog Awards 2)  Nominate my blog for best faith based blog (to make …Read More

What movies do you watch again and again?  Here’s my top 15… Batman Begins–This is the best Batman ever!  Whenever I need a boost when it comes to fighting for my city I watch Batman fight for Gotham.  Fires me …Read More

In the latest post from Peter Kreefts book, “Between Allah And Jesus,” the question of Muslims and Christians having a common source came up.  I asked Aziz Poonwalla for his take on this and also what it means for a …Read More

Ever want to study the book of Revelation?   Here’s your chance.   Recently, at my church, we studied the this fascinating last book of the Bible.  Each Sunday I’ll post a new installment of this series I entitled, “The …Read More

Last year this blog was awarded the judges choice for the Best Faith Based Blog in the Black Weblog Awards. I’d like to repeat this year, perhaps with the popular vote as well, so I need your help! 1)  Please …Read More