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Thumbnail image for betweenAllah&Jesus.jpgA while back I let you know that I would be entering into a dialogue with my fellow colleague here at Beliefnet, Aziz Poonawalla.

Our discussion will center around a new book by Peter J. Kreeft Ph. D., Professor of Philosophy at Boston College.  The book is entitled, “Between Allah & Jesus:  What Christians Can Learn from Muslims.”  It’s an “imagininative conversation on issues ranging from prayer and worship to evolution and abortion, from war and politics to the nature of spiritual struggle and spiritual submission.”
Here’s how this is going to work:  Beginning this Wednesday Beliefnet will post an excerpt from the book.  I’ll provide a link so you can go read it for yourself.  Then Aziz Poonawalla and I will discuss the overarching themes found in the excerpt and then we’ll leave room for you to join in as well.  This dialogue will last for three weeks with a new excerpt each Wednesday.  
A note to my fellow brother’s and sister’s in Christ:  We know that there are significant differences between Christians and Muslims, that’s a given.  Let us seek to understand and conduct ourselves with humility and grace–as Christ would.  
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