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(We are discussing excerpts from Peter Kreefts new book, “Between Allah & Jesus.  Another excerpt has been posted.  (I invite you to take ten minutes and read it here) Feel free to join the conversation that I’m having with fellow beliefnet …Read More

Aziz, You provided a thoughtful response to the first excerpt of Peter Kreefts book, Between Allah & Jesus.  However, seeing some of the comments people are posting has me wanting to bring them into the dialogue. First, Andrew asks a …Read More

(Today we begin a three week conversation between myself and my fellow Beliefnet blogger Aziz Poonawalla.  We are discussing excerpts from Peter Kreefts new book, “Between Allah & Jesus.  This week we are interacting around chpt. three:  On Jesus and …Read More

Panera Bread is conducting an experiment in trust.   What if you could pick out anything you wanted to eat and then, instead of paying, you just donated what you could.   (Read the details here) Can a non-profit approach …Read More

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A while back I let you know that I would be entering into a dialogue with my fellow colleague here at Beliefnet, Aziz Poonawalla. Our discussion will center around a new book by Peter J. Kreeft Ph. D., Professor of Philosophy …Read More

Today is ascension day.  Forty days after Jesus rose from the dead Christ ascended into the sky as the disciples stood watching with their mouths hanging open. Jesus told them that he would be leaving.  He even went so far …Read More

Today, President Obama nominated Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court.  In his introduction of her, he lauded her professional accomplishments, her love for the New York Mets and that she seeks to understand before she disagrees. I had the privilege …Read More

Elisa Morgan has a new book! Have you ever looked at the incredible suffering and need in this world and wondered, “What can I do?” Elisa Morgan points us to five words that Jesus spoke: “She did what she could.” …Read More