The Jazz Theologian

I’m in search of a new “Third Space.”  My old one closed down.  It was where I could go and sip coffee, get some work done or just think.  Since my third space closed it’s doors i’ve been a bit lost.  I’ve tried a few others (like Panera and Starbucks) and, while they’re adequate, they just don’t feel right.

A third space is a wood shed.  
The place where you go to practice and work on your riffs.  A place where you can fail in private so you can succeed in public.  Time in the woodshed is essential to composing a jazz-shaped faith. (I write about this more in my book)
There’s a beautiful, secluded Catholic church not far from my house that I’m dreaming about.  They leave the door unlocked during the day, so I go there often to pray.  Lately I’ve been wondering if they would allow me to hang out there more.  There’s a bell tower and, while I’ve never been up there, I’m dreaming that it contains a small little closet space that is just big enough for a table, chair and lamp–it feels right.  I called them yesterday and left a message.  I’m praying that they can help me with my need for a Third Space.
Join the groove:  Where’s your Third Space?  What makes it feel right?
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