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We went looking for rare animals…you're not going to believe what we found.

This week I'm speaking at a Pastoral enrichment day for the Atlantic and Susquehanna Brethren Conferences in Harrisburg, PA.  Last time I was with these wonderful Christ-followers was in 2007 and I was deeply blessed.   I'll be speaking twice …Read More

Driving to members class…can’t stop thinking about the services this weekend.

Let us follow Jesus into the desert.   As Christ went without food for forty days let us consider what we could do without as well.  Oh, not for the purpose of seeing how strong we are, quite the opposite…to …Read More

Brian McLaren has a new book out called, "A New Kind of Christianity:  Ten Questions that are Transforming Faith". When it comes to Christianity he says that there is bad news:  "the Christian faith in all its forms is in …Read More

Why wasn't The Jay Leno Show successful?   I watched Leno regularly on the Tonight show but not as much in his new times slot.  Actually, if I'm honest, I rarely watched a full episode of The Tonight Show, rather, …Read More

As I posted earlier there are two big changes coming to 1)  New Design:  A new, sleek look is just around the corner. 2)  I have been asked to blog for  Beliefnet is the worlds largest religious website …Read More

Upon reflection, here are my thoughts on the Super Bowl commercials.

Do you see your city the way Jesus does?  What about your neighborhood?   When Jesus speaks to the seven churches of Revelation (chapters 2 & 3) it's important that we not only know what he is saying but that …Read More