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(Here's another installment from my current writing project) Frances Xavier Cabrini founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with the simple goal of spreading devotion to the heart of Christ through acts of mercy.  During her time …Read More

Of all the books that I read this past year, The Divine Commodity:  Discovering a Faith Beyond Consumer Christianity by Skye Jethani, is the one that has proven to be most memorable.   Simply put, this is an elegant book.  Jethani …Read More

I can't stop listening to Allen Toussaint's, "The Bright Mississippi."  If you only buy one jazz album from 2009 this is it.  Toussaint, who is mostly known as an R & B pianist, is joined by Joshua Redman (tenor saxophone), …Read More


A Jazz Theologian is someone who knows that jazz is more than music.  Therefore,… We are practicing Christians.  We have spent time in the woodshed learning the old standards.  Now we syncopate, improvise and respond to the call of a Love …Read More

At the end of, "It's a Wonderful Life,"  Harry Bailey proposes a toast George saying, "To my big brother George, the richest man in town." When I look at this picture I feel the same way…   My cup overflows…

Can you guess who said this? Abortion is "the most barbaric method" of family planning, equal to "infanticide."  She also said, "abortion was the wrong way–no matter how early it was performed it was taking a life." If you guessed …Read More

Four years old, wandering the streets, drinking a beer…longing for his Daddy.

Innocent after spending 35 years in prison…Lord, have mercy on us!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a classic children's story.  Written by  Dr. Seuss in 1957 it was released as a cartoon in 1966.  But is it a story for children or a message for their parents? How the Grinch …Read More