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"The parallels between the lives of African-Americans battling for their freedom as citizens and that of jazz musicians for their freedom from European harmony are too close to be mere happenstance." Jazz icon, Miles Davis, used to play with his …Read More

Wow, it's hard to believe that once a month for the last eight months we have gathered at The Soiled Dove Underground for Finding the Groove Live.  Each night we packed the room to experience great music and to think …Read More

Pre-Kind Of Blue, that is 1959, Conformity was a way of seeking acceptance in America. Jazz musicians needed to make clear the fierce intelligence that was necessary to play [jazz]. The greater society thought of jazz as merely an offshoot …Read More

America in the 1950's–All a matter of perspective. The war was over, suburbia was being invented and the American dream was being pursued…by some For black America, the 1950's were a decade of emergence. After 90 years of not being …Read More

It has been said that jazz history can be divided into two segments: “Before Kind Of Blue and after Kind Of Blue.” In 1959 Miles Davis recorded Kind Of Blue and “More than forty years after its release, it is …Read More

I'm currently in Nashville at the MOPS Convention.  Nothing like four thousand mother's of preschoolers worshipping God…plus they're just giddy that they are away from their kids for a few days!  We are at Opryland, which is an amazing, indoor …Read More

Big milestone for my book…just received news from the publisher that, Finding the Groove: Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith, is now in it's second printing.

As a Colorado native I've always wanted a horse…one that's black and blue…

I believe that John Perkins will go down in church history as an icon.  His books are a must for anyone who desires to take Biblical justice and Jesus' call to the marginalized seriously. recently ran a piece that …Read More

Thanks to all of you who voted for this blog over the last few months in the Black Weblog Awards.  It was chosen as the judges choice for best faith-based blog.  (Click here to see all of the winners in …Read More