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I believe that listening is part of the essence of jazz. "The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen."  Duke Ellington "Jazz is primarily a heard reality…"  Kirk Byron Jones Listening …Read More

With the release of the movie Orphan, Warner Bros. is portraying these beautiful, though often wounded, children as horrors.  There is a campaign to counteract this called:  Orphans Deserve Better.   As an adoptive father of five (and for much of the …Read More

The audio version of my book will be available next month.  In addition to me reading, we added some nice jazz music to the track as well.  Go to this link and listen to the sample all the way through… …Read More

While I've been on vacation I've thought a lot about my calling and legacy.  What is it that God has specifically designed for me and when my time comes, what do I want God and others to be able to …Read More

(Here's another installment from my current writing project) The Loveliest Lynchee Was Our Lord[1] That’s a difficult question, isn't it?  How do you follow strange fruit? Perhaps you’ve never thought of it this way before, but—as followers of Christ—we have …Read More

(I'm currently working on my second book.  It's a jazz-shaped take on the cross…I'll share a few excerpts this week…here's installment #1.) He stands stripped bare, arms restrained at the wrists.  His legs are lacerated on all sides; long deep …Read More

A jazz theologian is someone who balances classical faith with a jazz-shaped faith.   As we take the stage our ensemble can know that: -We are practicing Christians.  Having spent sufficient time in the woodshed learning the standards we now …Read More

I praise my God this day: I give myself to God this day: I ask God to help me this day. Feel free to join in and pray improvisationally…what are your requests to God this day?