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What is the Bible?  All too often we treat it like a science project:  Study it…develop propositions about it…defend it. Now I'm all for serious Bible study.  We can only benefit from understanding the original languages and context.  However, we …Read More

Tonight is our next installment of Finding the Groove Live! @ The Soiled Dove Underground.  We'll be looking at Finding Your Voice:   What if there is another way to know the Scriptures?  What if we experienced the word of …Read More

Here are two thoughtful articles in light of Michael Jackson's passing… The Pop Reconciler by Ed Gilbreath and Michael Jackson:  Soloman Sans Wisdom–The king of pop had it all, yet the most important things seemed to ellude him by Chanel …Read More

We were looking for a Starbucks as the one-handed man passed by and over heard our conversation.  "The closest one is a quarter mile away in the hotel,"  he said.   He offered to take us there and added, "I …Read More

The Discerning Reader posted a nice review about Finding the Groove…

Hey, I'm in the running for the 2009 Black Weblog Awards! Click on the icon and vote for me…Please!

I'm here in San Antonio for the RENOVARE' International Conference.  It's hot and humid…but oh so worth it to hear from Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, John Ortberg, Max Lucado and Eugene Peterson.   Today I had the privilege of speaking about the …Read More

What would you ask Adam?  Here are my questions. Why didn't you say anything? Too often we blame your wife for partaking of the forbidden fruit.  But you were there…RIGHT THERE! The scriptures say that, "she took some and ate it.  She …Read More

Barry C. Black is the current chaplain to the U.S. Senate.  Appointed in 2003 he is the 62nd person to hold this position and the first African-American.  He spent thirty-nine years as a Navy chaplain earning the rank of Admiral …Read More

Skye Jethani (author of The Divine Commodity, which is a must read) has a post on his blog about what he calls Cosmo-Christians.  What about you…are you a Cosmo-Christian?   Find out at his blog Skyebox.