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I just started a new book called Jesus on Death Row: The Trial of Jesus and American Capital Punishment. The author, Mark Osler, is a former prosecutor and current Professor of Law at Baylor University of School of Law.  I'm …Read More

My book, Finding the Groove:  Composing a Jazz-Shaped faith, is now available for all of you Kindle users as well…

What a night we just had at the Soiled Dove Underground for another session of Finding the Groove Live!  We talked about how jazz offers an alternative to the models of the melting pot and the salad bowl when it …Read More

Thanks to the Englewood Review of Books for their review of Finding the Groove: Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith.

Feel free to join in the conversation below as we compose a jazz-shaped faith.And as always, stay in the groove,Robert

The President and Mrs. Obama's remarks comprise the first four minutes fifteen seconds and then ELEW and Esperanza Spalding perform.  

President Obama picked 26 year old pentecostal minister, Joshua DuBois, to head the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.   The key priorities of the office are as follows: Reduce Poverty  Reduce Abortion Promote Responsible Fatherhood    DuBois is man to …Read More

Just finished recording the audio version of Finding the Groove.  It's complete with some cool jazz grooves from Dave Lemieux & House of Soul and recording artist Chris Lang. It's really good…you're going to want to hear this! Stay in …Read More

John Coltrane was not a Christian.  Though he was reared in his grandfather’s church and was familiar with the ways of Christ, he pursued God outside of Christianity.  Why he did not he come back to the church we don’t …Read More