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Theologian, author and Jesus Creed blogger extraordinaire, Scot McKnight was very kind to review my book, Finding the Groove:  Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith… There are very few books like this one — in fact, there is none. I really liked this book, …Read More

"A Love Supreme" the original Liner notes "Dear Listener: All Praise Be To God To Whom All Praise Is Due. Let us pursue Him in the righteous path. Yes it is true; “seek and ye shall find.” Only through Him …Read More

The key to Coltrane is found not in how or what he played but why he played the way, he did. Musically he was a genius and a trendsetter. Practicing for hours a day, he developed unprecedented speed that awed …Read More

See you tonight!   Handful of tickets still available: (For those of you following along in the book we'll be covering chapter four, Creative Tension.)

(I interviewed Mr. Stearns on behalf of  Also appearing at Sojourners online) As the pastor of a church with a deep desire to love others as Christ would, I’ve recently been telling folks, “If you only read one book this year, …Read More

Get your tickets now! The next chapter of Finding the Groove Live! is just around the corner:  April 28, 7pm @ the Soiled Dove Underground. This session will focus on Creative Tension and how it opens up new ways of …Read More

Tickets available online at Take a journey with Jazz Theologian, Robert Gelinas and Dave LeMieux & House of Soul.  In a beautiful marriage of the spoken word with jazz, soul, and gospel music, Robert and HOS walk us through …Read More

   Click on the link below to watch the FINDING THE GROOVE LIVE trailer.

If the church is going to serve its community as Christ would, it means that we need to be as good at reading our cities as we are reading our Bibles.  This means that we are aware of what is …Read More