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The U.S. Mint is issues the Ellington quarter for the District of Columbia.    

Isn't it ironic…

Barbara took these pictures a couple of years ago when we were in Washington, DC.  This is the exact spot where Martin Luther King uttered his words of hope.

Finding the Groove Live! with Dave Lemieux and the House of Soul will be at The Soiled Dove Underground–March 30 & 31st.  More information will be forthcoming as far as tickets and additional dates, but for now, mark your calendars…

My new book, Finding the Groove:  Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith will be available at the National Pastors Convention in February and should start arriving at your local bookstore sometime in late March. To wet your appetite, Zondervan has made the first chapter available online.  (Click …Read More

It's Sunday evening and I'm sitting in my favorite coffee shop hard at work on my next book.  A group of twenty or so people have just arrived and started a meeting right next to me.  It sounds like they …Read More

For Christmas, Barbara and I got the kids puppies.  Labradoodles to be exact.  They are great dogs and are fitting right into the chaos of our home.  The only question has been, "What to name them?" I've been lobbying hard …Read More