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November 2008 Archives

Coach Dungy's has just released a children's book called You Can Do It.  It's about trusting God and dreaming big.  I've been reading it to my children and they're lovin' it.

Hmmm…at first I didn't like the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace.  After all, where were all the gadgets.  But then I thought about the title. Quantum:  the smallest amount. Solace:  Peace Isn't that what the world is searching …Read More

I'm at The World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs.  Barbara just returned from a retreat with God and now it's my turn to listen for his still small voice…

Check Clint interviewing Ray charles…

In Bird, Clint Eastwood brought to the screen the life of jazz legend, Charlie "Yardbird" Parker.  The first half-hour of the film felt like a Parker riff as it switched back and forth between different time periods in his life. …Read More

Most people don't know that Clint Eastwood is an avid jazz fan.  Some have even asked if he can help keep jazz alive.  He taught himself to play piano listening to jazz records and his son Kyle is an accomplished jazz …Read More

 I've been trying to throw these trash cans away for a while now.  I've tried signs before.  You know, "This is trash" "Take this," or "Trash can is trash," but to no avail.  Normally, I'm not home when the trash …Read More

I finished book a few months ago and passed it on to Zondervan.  While it won't be available until January it's now listed on Amazon.!  Check it out…

Major League Mom, is what I call my wife because it takes nine players to field a baseball team and, as of a couple of  months ago, that's how many children we have.  Life in the majors has been a …Read More

The Esbjorn Svensson Trio, E.S.T., recently released their latest and last album.  Sadly, pianist Esbjorn Svensson, died earlier this year in a diving accident. E.S.T. has been on the cutting edge of jazz since their breakthrough in the late 90's. …Read More