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Well, I've set the table and I'm looking forward to dining with John McCain–the sailor turned senator. My questions for the evening would be… Tell me about your first fight?  McCain is a fighter. Last November his campaign was all but …Read More

  Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis recently released Two Men with the Blues.  Recorded live at the Lincoln center, this bluesy recording is worth the listen.  As you can see on the behind the scenes video, it's just fun.  

Well, now that I've had dinner with the VP candidates it's time to break bread with the top of the tickets.  If I were able to dine with Obama I'd jazz things up a bit.  My questions for him would …Read More

For those of you at CCC this weekend the ministry website that I mentioned is

Mark your calendars the long awaited launch of has finally arrived.  Ed Gilbreath, Director of Editorial at Urban Ministries Inc has been working tirelessly at this new endeavor. is a "place on the Web for urban and multiethnic …Read More

What would you ask Sara Palin if she came to your house for dinner (politics aside)?  I'd spend a lot of time on faith and family. When do you feel most used by God?  Governor Palin must feel stifled when …Read More

Take 6 has just released a fresh take on old standards such as Sweet Georgia Brown, A Tisket A Tasket and What's Going On.  They are joined by the likes of George Bensen, Al Jarreau, Shelea Frazier, Roy Hargrove, Aaron …Read More

What would I ask if I had dinner with Joe Biden? Given that he has a reputation for long answers and the fact that my wife and nine children would have their own set of questions, I would have four …Read More

Hmmm…y'all this is gettin' out of hand!  Perhaps you didn't notice but I said "politics aside."  My question was pretty simple, if you had dinner with these people what would you ask?  Remember, we are talking about another human being …Read More

It's dawning on me that (politics aside) I like these people.   Obama, McCain, Biden, Palin… When I look at each one  as an individual I would love to have dinner with them.  I find their stories intriguing…I'd have so much to …Read More