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We had a service of confession here in South Africa–both private and corporate.  Emmanuel Chijindus is the Africa Area Director for YFC.  He is a powerful presence both on the platform and up close. He confessed the sins of Africa and …Read More

It’s night as I’m sitting outside, staring at the stars and listening to Miles Davis on my Ipod…  I’m thinking about two conversations that I had this week:  Two men—one black the other white—who were young men during apartheid and …Read More

Speaking Requests I am an itinerate speaker with Kingdom Building Ministries. Please, schedule online with KBM by clicking HERE Or call Loren Hayes at 1-800-873-8957 General Contact Info. The best way to reach me is through my wonderful assistant Rebecca …Read More

Jimi is a follower of Christ living in the United Arab Emirates.  He lives daily with restrictions upon freely living for Christ.  Stops by the police checking if he has permission to be in certain areas doing "church work."  As …Read More

I've finally recovered from the trip and am adjusted to the eight hour time difference.  Both the people and the topography of this land are beautiful.  I have had so many wonderful conversations with those who have shared stories of …Read More

After 20 hours of plane rides with an eight hour lay-over in London we've finally arrived in South Africa.  I'm speaking for YFC's General Assembly.  I'm tired and in serious need of a nap but I can stop staring at …Read More

Which country is pro-life?  In the Netherlands and Germany abortion is legal.  In Brazil abortion is strictly prohibited.   If we look at the laws of these countries the answer seems obvious.  But when we look at the actual number …Read More

So what does it mean to live our faith on election day according to Korzen and Kelley?  They argue that we are to vote for the common good:   …Our primary responsibility is to the common good.  The common good …Read More

I'm well into Kerzen and Kelley's book A Nation For All.  And while it does feel a bit partisan the concepts are still intriguing.  They identify key themes of the Catholic social tradition.  Some of which are:   The Dignity …Read More

The scriptures make it clear that the people of God are to be about the common good. "Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile.  Pray to the Lord for it, …Read More