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The BBC podcast called "Documentary" is doing series on race and reconciliation with South Africa as its case study.  I just listened to part one and my heart broke.  The next generation of South African's don't seem to be owning …Read More

South Africa has always had a special place in my heart.  In high school I lamented Apartheid (which means separateness).  I rejoiced with Mandela's release and election.  I hoped when Tutu's Truth and Reconciliation Commission brought perpetrator and victim together …Read More

I'm looking forward to leading two workshops at the next National Pastors Convention. Here are the workshop descriptions… Finding the Groove:  Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith You don’t have to be a musician to experience the renaissance of a jazz-shaped faith.  Jazz …Read More

"Call and response " is a halmark in jazz.  Because it was birthed in the post-slavery church jazz took on the characteristics of it's parents.  Musicians use their instruments use their to affirm and encourage each other just as congregation …Read More

Mother's anger turns to delight after her baby survives an abortion

Thumb through your Old Testament until you happen across Habakkuk.  His oracle only takes about ten minutes to read through.  Read it out loud. You'll be struck by how something so bad can sound so good…so ugly, yet so beautiful. What do …Read More

America–Baskets, baskets everywhere. There are 500,000 children waiting for homes in America's foster care system.  We don't half to travel half-way around the world we live in a country with a half-million orphans. They are every age, ethnicity and background.  …Read More