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It will be forty years this April that Martin Luther King jr. was assassinated.  Dave Lemieux and the House of Soul in partnership with Colorado Community Church and the Center for African-American Health will be presenting At the Table. There […]

Well, I’ve finished the manuscript and it is in the hands of a very capable editor at  Zondervan .  I am grateful to my wife, friends, an incredible group of literary agents (Wolgemuth and Associates) for all of their prayer, […]

"It’s the sea that makes the sailor, It’s the land that shapes the sea I don’t know where I am going or where I’ll some day be. It’s the wood that makes the carpenter, It’s the very tools of his […]

Lord, I wan’t to know you.  Robert Lewis once wrote “We could not make sense of the New Testament in particular, or Christianity in general, without its central figure—Jesus Christ.  Christianity is not a philosophy or an ethic, but a […]

When I survey the wondrous cross, I am horrified.  Tattered and torn skin…blood matted hair…pain induced quivers…the death of God.  A man so battered and betrayed that words…fail.  When I survey the wondrous cross, its beauty startles me.  The life…the […]

St. Patrick

As of this month smooth jazz is dead in Denver…at least on the radio.  Due to declining ratings Smooth Jazz 104.3 FM is no more.  (They say that if you’ll still be able to hear it via an online stream […]

The goats in Mt. 25 were blindsided!  They failed to realize that to see the least of these is to see Jesus.  This reminds me of Bono at the NAACP Awards…(if you have never seen this it’s worth watching the […]

Building a jazz music collection is a life long adventure but getting started can be daunting.   In the right hand column under Info. Pages you’ll find a page called "Building Your Jazz Music Collection."  I’ll add to it often and […]

This is a special week for jazz in Denver.  Denver’s own Tia Fuller is in town (she lives in New York now and is in Beyonce’s all lady band) and at Dazzles this Thursday and Friday.  (click here for info.) […]