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My family is glued to the TV every week watching American Idol.  It’s great entertainment watching person after person think they can sing only to sound like an moaning, injured animal.  You’re left asking, "What kind of friends do these […]

We need others to help us see what is in our blind spots.  We can’t always see the "snake in the grass" (satan) or deal with the "enemy within" (our flesh) by ourselves. That is why so many have wondered […]

Here’s some food for thought during this political season. There’s a new book out called Wrong on Race:  The Democratic Party’s Buried Past.  It is a history of how, in general, the Democratic part was on the wrong side of […]

This week at CCC Englewood and Aurora we began our series for Lent called Blind Spots.  During this season of examination and contrition we seek to ascertain if there is anything in our life that would keep us from finishing […]

President Carter speaks to Baptist gathering calling the divisions in the Body of Christ a cancer.  I couldn’t agree more!  (click here to read the story)