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Here’s the blog for the team in Cambodia so you can follow them and know how to pray (click here) Here’s a video about the sex trade in Cambodia.  Lord, have mercy…

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I love Christmas eve services.  Gathering together, reflecting upon the incarnation of our Lord as we hold our lit candles high.  I truly have the best seat in the house as I look out over the congregation…it’s a beatiful moment. …Read More

"Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus…" (Phil. 2)  Those words take on more significance after we read Isaiah 6 and John 12.41 and make the connection:  The magnificent vision that Isaiah had was none other …Read More

The next Batman movie, The Dark Knight, doesn’t open until 2008 but if I could stand in line for tickets today, I would!  

For those of you at CCC Englewood and Aurora this weekend here are the passages on the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament. Gen. 16 Gen. 22 Gen. 2810ff & 31.11-13 Ex. 3 Joshua 5.13ff Judges 13 Zech. …Read More

Yet another wrongfully convicted person is vindicated.  Here’s the New York Times article (click here).  Since 1989 more than 200 people have been exonerated by DNA…listen to them here.

This weekend we began to dive in to the pre-incarnate activities of Christ.  This study will do no less than transform and enlarge our view of our Lord.  If you are looking to do further study, Ron Rhodes wrote a …Read More

Fifty-two years ago today she stood up by sitting down…thank you Rosa!