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Solus Christus–Christ Alone! When the reformers looked at the church of Christ so many years ago it was obvious to them that something was wrong.  Salvation was not explained as Christ "alone" but Christ "and."  All too often we add …Read More

Sola Scriptura. Doctrinally, it means that the Bible is the infallible and innerant word of God–truthful and authoritative in all it affirms.  Sure we can read other books but there never has been nor will there be a book like …Read More

Those of you in the Denver area, Project 127 is doing an exclusive engagement on Oct. 28.  Complet with silent auction of some really cool stuff.

Who would have thought?

This weekend, at CCC Englewood and Aurora, we began a series on Reformation.  We are an interdenominational church, which means that we desire to respect, celebrate and learn from the various Christian traditions. In this series we are looking at …Read More

Bella–Opens Oct. 26th

If you scroll down a bit, you can see an enlarged version of this picture and my previous two posts about The Renaissance. Let me point out a few more details:  Two books and a crucifix. What caused the Renaissance …Read More

Here is a really fun story…Captain Flanagan is a "rare bird" says the Wall Street Journal.  His dedication to his job is remarkable.  He says he does what he does because "it’s his job."  I’m sure there are a number …Read More

I’ve had the priviledge to worship with and share God’s word in chapel at Denver Seminary.  It has been good to see old professors who impacted my life over a decade ago as well as look into the eyes of …Read More